The owner of this space was faced with a typical New Yorker’s dilemma; Too many requirements, not enough space. How to choose between creating a home office, a guest bedroom, and a storage space when you need all three? When General Assembly was presented with the problem, we knew exactly what to do; combine them all into a smart and modern solution.

We started with storage- speaking to the client, an artist, to make sure that every printer, sewing machine, paint brush, and sketch pad was considered. We created object specific storage for some of these, and made sure to add lots of general storage for whatever might come down the line. A built-in desk and flip-down table make for a fully functional work area that can be packed away when guests are in town. Another flip, and out comes our modern take on the murphy bed. Supported by Hafele Hardware, it opens and closes effortlessly while remaining strong enough to support a jumping two year old. Trust us, we tested.

Project Credits
Photography: Paul Clemence
Millwork: Tribeca Design Build